Perseverance of recycle
Pass down culture and love

Paper is a medium that pass down knowledge civilization of human but at the same time ,「Taihe」hopes pass down a healthy , beautiful earth to next generation too , therefore we extremely attached sustainable operation .

「Taihe」peeled bark from gampi when gampi still alive , we don’t cut the tree directly .We dipping , steaming , washing the fresh bark from gampi . Gampi tree will grow again after few months , The tree as raw material can sustainable growth , we try our best to leave a healthy , beautiful earth to next generation . Due to avoid industrial water of making paper production caused pollution for environment , we installed equipment of sewage disposal surrounding factory , digging total five pools to do precipitation , aeration , purification , Aquaponics(魚菜共生) , etc .

「Taihe」always keep spirit of sustainable operation to protect our earth !

  • Step 1

    First pool, the precipitation pool, The sewage from production line is collected and precipitated in first pool.

  • Step 2

    Second pool, in order to purify the water quality, the oxygen is spurted from bottom of pool then the purified water be inflow to pool.

  • Step 3

    Third pool, the ecosystem of third pool was built. every kind of fishes is surviving in third pool.

  • Step 4

    Fourth pool, The purified water is close to clear water in this pool, Our employees are come to feeding the fish and irrigating the crops by clear water which from fourth pool.

  • Step 5

    Fifth pool, The farmed fish already became a delicious dishes in fifth pool, the purified water in fifth pool is passed by Government examination, It’s totally okay to emit the purified water to outside, we do our best to protect earth’s environment!