The leader of cultural inheritance

Brand story of Taihe

「Taihe」- In 1930’s , Japanese found Puli where located in Taiwan water is most purity , so established a paper making place in here . Bring water-disposal paper-making (http://bit.ly/2T3DCGe) into Taiwan . We starting produce high quality washi paper by kozo(paper mulberry) . SHIN KWANG HWA PAPER MFG CO.,LTD was concentrated research and development in that fields , We produced high purity xuan paper by gampi many years . A few meaning of 「Taihe」 is settle-down , flourishing and gentle harmony , but most important meaning of 「Taihe」is 「April showers bring May flowers」.

Hand-made by exquisite heart :

A little tastes of pulp surrounds around SHIN KWANG HWA PAPER MFG CO.,LTD Thailand ,each xuan paper that we produce abided by ancient method and generation pass-down , due to gampi’s fiber is very fine and smooth , having a lot of mucus , highly requested of paper making technical , that’s why we highly value each master who has special making experience . Production processing of paper always spends a lot of time and engineering . In the prior period , Bamboo master is weaving handmade Bamboo curtain and put it on paper making shelf . In the middle period , paper making master pull out pulp and swing pulp , let Bamboo curtain stick on pulp averagely , controlling fiber interweaving and distributing by hand strength to maintain paper quality and fine thickness . Drying paper master quickly returned brush flat dried paper before pressing . In the final period , We have specially-assigned person charge of choosing paper , cutting paper , that’s why our paper as smooth as silk , fine surface , strong , transparent and gorgeous for 「Taihe」. Each step is accumulated by experiencing and handmade skill , only having intent heart to achieve perfect warm temperatures which is machine can’t make it .

Nature raw material – gampi

Awesome xuan paper made from great raw material .

The main raw material of 「Taihe」paper is gampi , The scientific name of Gampi is Indian wisktroemia , leaf is ovoid and opposite , main growth at warm area nearby The Pacific Ocean , Due to gampi is wild plant , It’s very hard artificial propagation and difficult peeling , seven kilogram original bark only output one kilogram dried bark , fiber of gampi is fine and strength , so our xuan paper is always meticulous and glossy , lower resin , great ink penetration , very suit for China picture-character paper